Identifying Combination Skin and Its Routine

If you have noticed that you feel dry areas, as well as excess sebum, you may have combination skin. It can be difficult to figure out how to properly care for your skin, because different parts of your face have different needs. But you can help your skin find the perfect balance by following a combination skin care routine. In the future, we will share tips on how to care for combination skin, as well as the necessary products to give her the balance she needs.

How To Identify Combination Skin

You will know that you have combination skin if you feel that you can cope with two different skin types at the same time. If you have oily skin, you can expect to have a greasy appearance complexion. You can also feel black dots and rashes. With dry skin, you can feel dry spots and even peeling on your face. If you have combination skin, your cheeks, temples and eye area tend to be dull and dry, while other parts of your face are oily, especially around the T-area.

How To Care For Combination skin

Check out these skincare tips and useful product recommendations to help you create a customized skincare routine tailored to the needs of your combination skin.

1. Use a Mild Facial Cleanser

Your skin surface will be covered with dirt, excess oils and impurities throughout the day. Be sure to use a facial cleanser that will help to matte your oily T-zone without overdrying your cheeks and area under the eyes. The L’Oréal Paris Waterproof Micellaire Eau Cleanser – all Skin is an excellent choice for combination skin. It is a formula without conditioner that can be used to clean your skin surface and remove makeup. Be sure to cleanse your skin in the morning and evening to make sure you remove bacteria and excess sebum frequently enough.

2. Exfoliate Gently

If you have combination skin, exfoliating dead skin cells is the key to keeping your skin in good condition. If you are looking for a mild chemical exfoliating product that can be used daily, try the revitalift DERM Intensités 5% Glycolic Acid Exfoliating toner from L’Oréal Paris. This formulated glycolic acid toner gently smoothes the skin texture and removes dead skin cells.

3. Moisturize your skin

Regardless of your skin type, using a moisturizer is important to keep your skin healthy. For combination skin, it is best to opt for a moisturizing moisturizer without a feeling of heaviness or fat. The fragrance-free face cream Age Perfect Rosy Tone from L’Oreal Paris is ideal because it has a light texture and is formulated with lipohydroxy acid (LHA) to gently exfoliate and brighten the complexion.

4. Stop Touching Your Face

This is easier said than done, since you don’t even realize that you are doing it most of the time. But your hands carry a lot of bacteria and dirt, and you don’t want to transfer that to your face, as it could clog your pores.

5. Blot oil

If you have trouble fighting fat in your T-zone, try looking for blotting papers. These papers are easy to store in your pocket and can provide a quick way to reduce excess oil in the middle of the day. They will temporarily absorb oil without ruining your makeup.

6. Make broad-spectrum Sunscreen Your Best Friend

One of the best ways to take care of your skin is to apply a generous amount of SPF 30 or more daily. Spending time in the sun without SPF protection can cause damage that can lead to visible signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, this can lead to dryness. To reduce the steps of your routine, opt for L’Oréal Paris SPF 30 Triple Power revitalift Day Lotion, which is a moisturizing daily moisturizer with SPF and anti-aging properties.

7. Give Your Complexion A Face Mask

Multi-masking is an excellent skin care practice for combination skin. It’s about applying different masks to different areas of your face at the same time, depending on what each area needs. Try using the L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Detox & Lightening Mask for your T-zone and fat areas. It is formulated with charcoal to remove impurities and tighten your pores. The driest areas are, opt for a moisturizing mask that will work to plump and brighten the skin. The Mask of the night Anti-Aging Triple-Power Revitalift from l’Oréal Paris is ideal because it acts to reduce the wrinkles, brightening and toning the skin while moisturizing it.

8. Do not forget your eyes

The area under the eyes is not only one of the first areas to show signs of aging, but it can also be a very dry area. To make sure that you are fighting skin problems such as fine lines and wrinkles, as well as dark circles and dehydration, try an eye cream or eye serum such as L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Derm Intensive with 1.5% hyaluronic acid, 1% Caffeine eye serum. It not only treats fine lines and wrinkles, but also moisturizes the delicate area and targets the causes of dark circles under the eyes.

Skin Care Routine For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin brings its own Challenges. In order for him to look healthy and feel healthy, it is important to rely on the right products and advice. This naturally means getting the best skin care products for sensitive skin. After all, one wrong movement can affect your Complexion and this is the last thing you need — especially if you finally have the opportunity to remove your face mask from time to time. If you are new to the world of skin care or are just looking for ways to revise your delicate skin care, read on. We will give you an overview of how to make up the perfect diet for a lively and healthy skin.

What are the signs of sensitive skin?

Before diving into a skin care routine for sensitive skin, let’s first determine if your skin is really sensitive. Unfortunately, there is no firm dermatologist-approved checklist to make the answer obvious. The best thing you can do is pay attention to how your skin reacts to different products — watch for burns or stings after trying something new. According to The American Academy of Dermatology, the experience of these sensations is a good indicator that you have sensitive skin.

How to care for sensitive skin

If you have found that you have sensitive skin, you can focus on defining the right beauty program. Follow our step-by-step Routine below to start your journey.

Step #1: Keep cleaning easy

Shelfie’s chic, worthy products are great, but when it comes to cleansing sensitive skin, you need a facial cleanser that’s right for your skin type, like L’Oreal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water Complete Waterproof Cleanser – all skin types. This leave-in facial cleanser is free of oil, soap and alcohol. Since it is soft, it will not scratch the skin and will not cause dryness. He also does an awesome job of removing makeup without fuss. The skin is moisturized and soothed and cleansed of dirt and oil. It is enough to soak a cotton pad with micellar water and wipe it on your skin until it is clean. No hard rubbing required.

Step #2: Gently exfoliate

Listen to us for a moment: it’s easy for sensitive skin to feel irritation, but this does not mean that you should give up Peeling. No matter what type of skin you work with – dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin or whatever – exfoliating is an absolute must. It helps to remove dead cells from the skin surface to brighten the appearance of your complexion. As body scrubs can be hard on the skin, try a chemical scrub like the 10% pure Glycolic Acid serum from L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Derm intense. Glycolic acid is an Alpha-hydroxy acid, ideal for resurfacing. So start by applying it once or twice a week at night under your moisturizer.

Step #3: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

You may be afraid to apply several skin care products to your sensitive skin, but moisturizing cream is a staple in all good skin care. This beauty essential protects your moisture barrier and ensures that your skin receives the right moisture it needs. Try L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Triple Power anti-aging moisturizer without perfume. This moisturizing cream provides rich hydration and acts against fine lines and wrinkles. It is also formulated without perfume so as not to irritate your sensitive skin.

STEP #4: Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Sun protection plays an important role for the overall health and appearance of your skin. The Cleveland Clinic recommends wearing broadband sunscreen daily with an SPF of 30 or higher to protect against the harmful effects of the sun. When looking for a sunscreen, look for one that moisturizes and soothes sensitive skin. After cleansing, gently smooth over your face and neck until completely absorbed. If you want to reduce the steps in your Routine, you can use a moisturizer with SPF in the morning, such as L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Triple Power Day Lotion SPF 30. It not only provides sun protection, but also acts against fine lines and wrinkles.

All About Little White Bumps On Your Skin

At the first sight of small white bumps on your skin, it is customary to assume that they are annoying white spots or, possibly, keratosis pilaris. But if they don’t go away within a few days, you’ll wonder if those bumps are actually small imperfections or something completely different 一 like milia. If you scratch your head at the mention of this word, read on. In advance, we share what milia are, how to recognize if you have them and how to treat them.

What Is Milia And What Are The Causes?

According to the Cleveland Clinic, milia (one of which is a milium) is a group of small white bumps that occur when dead skin cells get trapped under the surface of the skin and form tiny hard cysts. It is very common in newborns, but it can also occur in mature.

The Cleveland Clinic also points out that there are two types of milia in mature: primary milia and secondary milia. The primary milia is similar to the milia observed in babies, while the secondary milia is due to some kind of skin trauma or skin health-issue. According to the National Biotechnology Information Center (NCBI), primary milia occur spontaneously and are mainly visible on the eyelids, nose, cheeks and scalp. The NCBI also points out that milia are benign lesions, so don’t panic if you have any.

According to Dr. Erin Gilbert, a certified dermatologist in New York City, milia can also be caused by the use of skin care products that are too heavy for your skin type. “I find that every time patients come to my practice with milia, we attribute it to the use of an eye cream or moisturizer that is too heavy for them,” she explains. “From time to time, however, some patients are simply inclined to contract milia. But they are the exception.”

How To Know If You Have Milia

While the only way to know for sure whether you have milia or not is to be diagnosed by a doctor, there are characteristics of milia that could help you identify it. “Unlike small pimples, milia are usually very firm and are not surrounded by the redness or inflammation of the pimples, ” explains Dr. Gilbert.

“Another condition to distinguish from milia is xanthelasma. These are yellowish cholesterol deposits under the skin, often from the eyelids or the lower eyes (also a place where you can see milia). The xanthelasma tend to be larger, are not solid and are more pronounced yellow, ” she says.

How To Treat Milia

According to the NCBI, milia usually does not require treatment because they usually resolve after a few weeks. Because milia is trapped in keratin or dead skin cells under the skin, the Cleveland Clinic suggests that mature with milia try over-the-counter exfoliating products that contain ingredients such as salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy acids that help remove dead skin cells. If the milia does not improve on its own or after a few weeks of exfoliating treatments, see a doctor who can remove the cysts through small incisions or lift the upper layer of the skin with a needle and remove the milia. Since milions usually occur in sensitive areas, it is extremely important to consult a professional to remove them in order to avoid infection and scarring.

All About types of Skin Tags

There are many skin care conditions and growths such as birthmarks, freckles and more. The skin tags that are raised, the fleshy outgrowths of the skin, also fall into this category. They can appear in all skin types and are incredibly common, according to the dermatologist certified by the L’Oreal Paris Consulting Board and director of cosmetic and clinical research in Dermatology at Mt. Sinai, Dr. Joshua. Upstream we have, with Dr. cartoonists talked to learn more about skin marks, including the question of who can get them and when to consult a dermatologist.

What are skin tags?

According to Zeichner, skin marks are simply an additional growth of the skin that can grow around the neck, armpits or wherever the skin bends. The good news is that they are completely harmless and can occur in all types of patients. According to the (NCBI), they most often occur in people suffering from diabetes, obesity or metabolic syndrome . According to NCBI, these growths are small, between one and five millimeters and are usually skin-colored, brown or sometimes red. They are not painful or delicate, but can easily cling to clothes or jewelry. They affect both men and women and up to 60% of mature develop at least one skin day in their life.

How to treat skin tags

If you want to remove skin stains, Zeichner recommends avoiding over-the-counter products that claim to remove them. Instead, go to a certified dermatologist who can perform a procedure to remove them by freezing, burning or cutting them.

“If you have spots on your skin, consult a certified dermatologist to find new or changing spots,” Zeichner recommends.

The most important thing to take away for those who have skin tags is to avoid picking up or scratching them. “If something turns red, angry or inflamed, be sure to consult your dermatologist for an evaluation,” he concludes.

Moisturizers For Dry Skin Type

Finding the best moisturizer for dry skin can be the difference between a dull, dull complexion and a hydrated, radiant complexion. If you have ever had to work on dry spots on your skin, peeling and twitching on your face, then you understand how real the struggle can become.

You also know that there isn’t any moisturizer that will do the trick-you need the right one for your skin type. That’s why we share below our best moisturizers for dry skin to help you keep your complexion hydrated and healthy.

Our Best Moisturizers For Dry Skin

If you are ready to rid your skin of dry spots, dullness and flaking, try one of these top-rated moisturizers for dry skin.

Night cream L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect cell Renewal

How to style a moisturizer that will do all the work to restore the skin while you sleep? It was a rhetorical question – the answer is, you can’t! This luxurious night cream not only envelops the skin with moisture, but also helps to stimulate the process of cell renewal, while catching up on your restful sleep. The skin is instantly nourished, and over time your face will appear dense and younger.

Care Liquid Daily Hydra Genius by l’Oréal Paris – Normal Skin / Dry

If you have dry skin, but you prefer an ultra-light moisturizer, this is for you. This liquid moisturizer is formulated with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera water to envelop the skin with moisture and improve its hydration and shine. It is also a good choice to apply texture under makeup because of its weightlessness.

Lotion days-Triple-Power RevitaLift by l’Oréal Paris, 30 FPS

You’ve probably heard this too many times to count, but good sun protection is really an important key to keeping your skin in perfect condition and this moisturizer with SPF 30 will help you with that. It is also formulated with Pro-retinol, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to reduce wrinkles, tone and brighten the skin while leaving a hydrated and radiant complexion.

Mask Night Anti-Aging Triple-Power RevitaLift From l’Oréal Paris

Although it is technically a night face mask, we must include it as one of our best moisturizers for dry skin. This creamy face mask forms a protective layer to care for your skin during sleep. Immediately the skin is moisturized and looks more radiant and fresh. It is enough to apply it to cleansed skin before going to bed and smooth it on the face, neck and jaw until it is absorbed. It is not necessary to rinse it before the morning.

Fragrance-free Moisturizer L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Rosy Tone

This moisturizer is not only ideal for moisturizing the skin, but is formulated with LHA (a mild exfoliating ingredient) to remove dead skin cells from the surface and show a more even complexion. It is also ideal for mature skin, as it invigorates the young and pink complexion of the skin, as well as for sensitive skin, as it is completely fragrance-free.

Refreshing Night Moisturizer L’Oréal Paris age Perfect Rosy Tone

In addition to the benefits of the above moisturizer, this night version deeply moisturizes the skin and leaves a refreshing and refreshing feeling, which makes it the ultimate choice to pamper yourself in front of beauty. It is not surprising that he is adored by our publishers!

Moisturizer L’Oréal Paris-Wrinkle Expert 35+

This day and night moisturizer is formulated with collagen to strengthen and plump up the skin. Specially designed for 35 years and older (but beneficial to all), it plays the defense against wrinkles and reduces the appearance of fine lines, dryness (farewell to dry plaques!) and loss of elasticity.