Treating Peach Fuzz On Your Face

The ability to perform selected make—up looks and complex hairstyles is valuable-nothing has taught us this better than the last two years. But another practical skill to have in your beauty bag is hair removal at home, especially in not so obvious places. While you may know that shaving your legs like a pro, other types of hair removal, such as getting rid of facial hair, could be an area that your tweezers have not experienced before. If you are curious to action unwanted face frizz, keep reading our guide on how to get rid of peach down in seven different ways.

What Is Fishing Fuzz?

Peach fuzz is that super thin, slightly colored hair on your face that resembles the fuzz on the skin of a peach. These soft hairs usually appear under the nose, on the chin or sometimes on the cheeks and are common for all skin types and skin types. Although these hairs are usually not visible very far, removing them is a personal preference that can provide for some cosmetic benefits such as a smoother makeup application.

How To Get Rid Of peach Down

If you are ready to part with your fishing fuzz, many options will work. No matter what type of hair removal you choose, you can be sure that your peach down will not grow thicker, darker or faster—a rumor that the Mayo Clinic has finally refuted. So feel free to choose from one of the following options to say goodbye to those little fuzzy hairs.

1. Wax

One of the most common methods for hair removal of eyebrows, wax can also be used for peach down on your face. Whether you use a kit at home or visit the salon, the process is quite standard. First, melted wax is applied to the area in question, then the time is allowed to cool and harden. Then a cloth is put on it, and then removed in the opposite direction to wax, removing the hairs from the root in the process.

2. Sugar

Almost the same process as waxing, sugar can also be used to remove peach down at the root. Instead of using traditional wax, this method of hair removal uses a sugar paste to remove hair, including peach down. A mixture of melted sugar is applied to the hair, and after cooling it is rolled and removed from the skin, removing the hairs as they move.

3. Thread

Threading is the use of a thread loop to pull hair from the skin, as described by the FDA. This popular hair removal technique, known for creating carved eyebrows, also works wonders in removing facial hair.

4. Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a popular facial method that removes hair at the same time. A dermatome that looks like a small electric shaver is used to remove the surface layer of your skin, and in the process, the peach fuzz on your face is also removed.

5. Depilatory cream

Depilatory creams are another popular option for removing peach down. The FDA, known as a depilatory, explains that creams, gels and lotions for hair removal affect the protein structure of the hair, as a result of which the peach fluff is dissolved and easily removed.

6. Bleaching

Although this is not quite a method of hair removal, many people choose to bleach their peach down instead of getting rid of it completely. This is especially true for those who have dark hair and have a more pronounced peach fuzz on their face. Using a bleach that is safe for your face, you can lighten your peach fluff so that it is even less visible.

7. Shaving

Just as you can with all other facial hair, you can shave unwanted peach down. Instead of looking for the same razor you use on your legs, opt for a softer option by using a small electric razor designed specifically for use on your face.